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Understanding the Social Determinants of Health

Rural and Remote Medical Services was formed when communities realised that they could not wait on others to find a solution to declining health services and poor health outcomes.  If they a wanted a solution they needed to look within their own communities with rurally-based expert assistance from RARMS. 

RARMS was established through the NSW Rural Doctors Network and Walgett Community Health Forum and created the foundation for the most successful, community-led solution to rural and remote health service access in Australia today - RARMS Health.

Today, RARMS continues to work with communities that want to take control of their own health futures.  RARMS combines well-researched frameworks with its on-the-ground experience working with rural, remote and Indigenous communities to help communities understand their unique strengths and needs, and to assist communities to develop a comprehensive plan for health services, outcomes and community advocacy.
RARMS provides a range of services to communities including:

Health Needs Assessment

  1. Health Service Analysis

  2. Community Health Planning Facilitation

  3. Place-Based Health Plan Development

  4. Health Promotion and Communications Planning

  5. Advocacy Planning and Support

​We work with social enterprise partners who support economic analysis, population surveys and grant writing to help communities to build comprehensive plans and funding bids to enhance local health services.
For more information on RARMS Community Health & Workforce Consulting contact RARMS on the details below.

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