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Warialda Medical Centre Sustainable

RARMS has announced that responsibility for managing the Warialda Medical Centre will be returned to local Drs Di Coote and Clem Gordon after seven years of support from RARMS.

RARMS entered into an agreement with Gwydir Shire Council in 2014 under which responsibility for management of the Centre was temporarily transferred from Drs Coote and Gordon to RARMS.

As a charity, RARMS mission is to help disadvantaged rural and remote communities that do not have access to any doctors, or which do not have access to adequate or reliable services to meet local health needs, to create a sustainable medical services model that supports high quality care for local communities.

RARMS is satisfied that the Warialda Medical Centre is fully able to operate as a sustainable rural medical centre under an owner/operator model with Drs Coote and Gordon running the practice.

Dr Coote and Dr Gordon are exceptional doctors and RARMS has no doubt that the Warialda Medical Centre will operate sustainably under their leadership.

RARMS expects the return of the Warialda Medical Centre to the management of Drs Coote and Gordon will take place in May 2021.

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