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Rural & remote specific research, training & advocacy


Much of the research undertaken on rural and remote health is led from major cities and big regional centres.

Research often doesn't account for the priorities of rural, remote and Indigenous people, or explores issues in a way that ignores local context, experiences and values.

RARMS research and policy agenda is informed by local communities, and engages rural and remote people with research to ensure that it reflects and informs their priorities.

Quick facts

Rural and Remote Medical Services' (RARMS) professional practice is informed by high quality research and trials to ensure we remain at the cutting edge of rural and remote health and hospital care.


RARMS works with some of Australia's leading research and training institutions including the Australian National University, University of Sydney, the Menzies Institute for Medical Research at the University of Tasmania, Monash University and the University of Newcastle to investigate key challenges in rural and remote health services delivery, evaluate new and innovative models of care, and review services and projects to ensure our communities and clients know that we are delivering the highest quality and safety of care possible.

We also work with some of Australia's leading data services including Seer Data Analytics and the Australian Social Value Bank to inform our practice with access to the latest business insights and community trends.

RARMS Research Action Agenda

RARMS Research Action Agenda

RARMS Research & Projects

RARMS Research & Projects

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